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Fall Spiced Drinks
10/21/2016 By Jenifer Smith
The drink industry is seeing a push toward more developed flavors that appeal to a broader audience that might not normally drink hard alcohol. Millennials are responsible for the current trend toward more exotic spiced flavor profiles. As Millennials are eating out more, their developed spice palette is something they are looking for in new consumer products.
Tropical Fruits
7/15/2016 By Erin Marinan
When we say tropical fruits, the masses could agree, we are talking about coconut, passion fruit, papaya, guava, starfruit, pineapple, kiwi, acai, mango and banana.Tropical fruits get a lot of attention usually during the hotter seasons and definitely make an appearance in beverages. Regardless if its a fruit smoothie or a blended alcohol beverage, tropical fruits provide a unique and sweet flavor that can add depth and interest to an otherwise ordinary beverage.
Agua Fresca's
6/3/2016 By Erin Marinan
Aguas Frescas Spanish meaning Cool Waters are a combination of fruits, cereals, flowers, or seeds blended with sugar and water to make a light and refreshing non-alcoholic beverage. Borracha style is when mixed with a generous serving of rum or tequila. Northwest Naturals Formulation is using a combination...
5/6/2016 By Erin Marinan
Sangria can take many forms and most establishments will customize their drinks to make them unique. In my great exploration of this beverage, I have seen the brandy removed and sometimes replaced with another spirit or nothing at all. My favorite sangria's tend to have some bubbles added which compliments the flavors nicely. The best part about Sangria's is as long as you stick to the idea of fruit and wine you really can go anyway with your flavor profile...
The Craft of Cocktails
4/11/2016 By Erin Marinan
Cocktails are trending right now. The popularity of "Not-your-Fathers Root Beer" spiked sodas are taking up stock on shelves and moving out the traditional beers. Not only are beers getting a facelift, ciders are booming as well. Basically mixologists have taken their craft to the next level and cocktails are now a culinary experience. Read up on our Fruit Beer and Cider posts for what we have been doing in those fields. For cocktails, what's hot right now is the "Market Fresh Cocktail" and Old School Cocktails. What's Market Fresh? The crafting of bitters, shrubs and syrups using local and organically sourced ingredients...