Northwest Naturals Sustainability


Northwest Naturals and our parent company, Tree Top, Inc., are committed to taking care of our employees, being responsible stewards of all our resources, and operating our business with integrity, as demonstrated by our Values.

Our Values


  • We do the right thing, communicating openly and honestly, exhibiting behaviors consistent with our words, and are accountable for our results.

Respect for Others

  • We build strong relationships—with growers, employees, customers and business partners—based on mutual respect and support, valuing each other’s experience, opinions and diversity.

Corporate Citizenship

  • We are conscientious about our impact on the environment and in our communities, and do what we can to make a positive difference.

High-Performing Organization

  • We recruit, train and retain highly skilled employees who recognize and adapt to our dynamic business environment, address challenges strategically, strive to improve performance and processes, and lead by example.


We are serious about our commitment to our employees and the environment. Our sustainability efforts include:

  • Ensuring employee safety
  • Providing fair compensation
  • Minimizing packaging materials
  • Waste reduction
  • Efficient water use
  • Conserving energy
  • Air emission controls

Sustainability Report