Blends, dairy base, smoothie, sherbert/sorbet, and juice bar base.

Northwest Naturals produces a variety of all-natural, fat-free Granita, Smoothie, Juice Bar, Sorbet and Sherbet Bases composed of fruit juice concentrates, fruit purees, acidulants, and natural flavors. These provide a fresh, nutritious and tasty component to any frozen dairy or dairy-type formulation.

Smoothie Bases

Blends of fruit juice purees and concentrates that burst with fresh fruit flavors. Custom formulations are availabel upon request.

Applications: Dairy and Beverages
Specifications: 40-50 Brix

Juice Bar Bases

An all-natural, fat-free, fruit-blended base used to produce 30-100% juice concentrate frozen fruit bars. Take one part Northwest Naturals' Juice Bar Base, add ten parts standard frozen type stabilizer base (sugar, water, and gums at 12-19 Brix), blend and freeze.

Applications: Fruit Juice Bars
Specifications: 50-60 Brix

Sorbet Bases

Sorbet bases produce a 20%, 50%, or 100% fruit juice sorbet. These flavorful and nutritious bases are also great when used with nine parts of stabilizer blend (a 33 Brix sugar, water, and gum system), then blended and frozen.

Applications: Sorbet
Specifications: 35-40 Brix

Sherbet Bases

Our Sherbet Bases are bursting with real fruit pulp and all-natural flavors. One pail (4.5 gallons) or our Sherbet base, mixed with 293 gallons sherbet mix, and 3 gallons of a 50% citric acid solutions yields 300 gallons of fresh fruit-flavored sherbet.

Applications: Sherbet
Specifications: 21 Brix