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Sorbets and Sherbets
7/29/2016 By Erin Marinan and Jenifer Smith
Sorbets Sherbets are similar enough but there are some distinct differences that separate them from being in the same category.Similarities with the two are Sorbets and Sherbets or Sherbert are made typically with pureed fruits, sugar and water. The difference is Sherbets also contain milk, gelatin or egg whites. Standard brands of sherbet will contain 1 - 2% milk fat or cream. Sorbets never contain dairy and the consistency tends to be softer.Anything above 3 percent is generally labeled ice cream anything below 1 percent is referred to as water ice. Unfortunately sorbet is not a regulated term like Ice Cream so saying that it is just fruit-based is inaccurate and with new trends and flavors happening all the time, you can see non-fruit versions in the market. To complicate the terms even further, in other parts of the world, sherbet can refer to a fizzy powder stirred into beverages, or a beverage made of diluted fruit juice.