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Bountiful Berry Summer
8/19/2016 By Erin Marinan
Summer time in Washington not only means warm days and beautiful sunsets it also means Berry Season. For local growers, berries, like Strawberry, are ready to pick and harvest come June. Its not until September that the true berry season is over in Washington. Past years of early heat and late rain have, of course, changed the times when harvest is ready but in general terms when summer starts you can be sure that the farmers markets will start to have those amazing northwest berries... read more
Farewell and New Beginnings
8/5/2016 By Erin Marinan
IFT, for those of you who are unfamiliar with this acronym it stands for International Food Technologist. This is an organization that brings together the food industry. Every year a conference is held that showcases different companies and groups within the Food Industry. This is a conference meant for learning, as well as building your company or establishing connections and networking. However you view IFT, its the one time a year you get the largest number of Food Industry professionals all together.
Tropical Fruits
7/15/2016 By Erin Marinan
When we say tropical fruits, the masses could agree, we are talking about coconut, passion fruit, papaya, guava, starfruit, pineapple, kiwi, acai, mango and banana.Tropical fruits get a lot of attention usually during the hotter seasons and definitely make an appearance in beverages. Regardless if its a fruit smoothie or a blended alcohol beverage, tropical fruits provide a unique and sweet flavor that can add depth and interest to an otherwise ordinary beverage.
Summer Grilling - BBQ Sauces & Marinades
6/20/2016 By Erin Marinan
Summer is here and the weather is spectacular for outdoor cooking. So of course we are going to post about Barbecue and how to maximize your flavors on the grill. Fact: Every 3 out of 4 households owns a grill. Also fact 9 out of 10 barbecue grill owners always or sometimes use barbecue sauces, either store bought or own ingredients.
Agua Fresca's
6/3/2016 By Erin Marinan
Aguas Frescas Spanish meaning Cool Waters are a combination of fruits, cereals, flowers, or seeds blended with sugar and water to make a light and refreshing non-alcoholic beverage. Borracha style is when mixed with a generous serving of rum or tequila. Northwest Naturals Formulation is using a combination...
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