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Something Sweet, and Comforting
5/28/2020 By Jenifer Smith
This weekend, with the passing of Memorial Day and the official kickoff of summer, has us thinking about summer ice cream sundaes. Carolyn developed a new Tangerine Orange Chocolate Sauce that would work well in a sundae, milkshake, or topping for many of your summer desserts.
History of Mustard
4/17/2020 By Jenifer Smith
Recently, Shana spent some time in the test kitchen developing several new mustard flavors with juice concentrates as some of their base. Flavors that she developed included Cranberry Horseradish, Pineapple and Pumpkin Spice Horseradish.
Snacking on the Rise
3/27/2020 By Jenifer Smith
Consumers are looking for snacks that bridge the gap between meals as well as meal replacers. The three major areas that consumer are looking at according to ( is freshness (43%), low sugar (36%) and low fat (31%). While convenience is number one on consumers’ minds they also don’t want to sacrifice health or creativity in their flavor options.
Wellness Trending
2/25/2020 By Jenifer Smith
This last presentation cycle R and D concentrated on trends in the industry that target Health and Wellness. The industry is a rapidly growing 4 trillion-dollar business. Some of the topics covered included, Juneberry Blend made into a meat and fruit bar, Orange Grapefruit Turmeric Blend used in a wellness gummies and Lemon Maple Blend to mimic the ingredients in the Master Cleanse.
1/24/2020 By Jenifer Smith
Welcome to 2020! Last month we started spotlighting some trending flavors that are projected to be on the rise for the new year. The R and D department focused on botanical flavors last month. Shana developed a new blend Hibiscus Lemon WONF.
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