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Hard Seltzer
Hard Seltzers Set the Trend All Year Round!
4/30/2021 By Northwest Naturals
We first began working on hard seltzer applications 3 years ago. We loved the concept of flavored, low-alcohol sparkling water and knew it would be a hit amongst consumers. Still, we never could have imagined the phenomenon these wildly popular drinks have become!
Mango Hard Seltzer
April’s Featured Flavor of the Month: Mango
4/20/2021 By Northwest Naturals
Northwest Naturals’ flavor of the month for April is considered one of the most popular fruits worldwide, mango! Originating from India, this fruit has traveled from Asia to the Middle East, East Africa and South America. Today, we can find mangos year-round at a local grocery store or farmer's market.
Grapefruit in Season
2/26/2021 By Jenifer Smith
This month we are spotlighting the Grapefruit. Citrus fruits are popular all year long with their peak season being between November and June. Grapefruits come in many varieties including Pink, White, Red and Oro Blanco meaning (White Gold) which is cross between a Pomelo and White Grapefruit.
New Year, New Beginnings
1/22/2021 By Jenifer Smith
The new year is starting with fresh eyes and hope, looking forward to getting back to some pre-COVID normalcy at some point in the year. Consumers are still looking for ways to fortify their health in 2021. Whether that is adding citrus fruits or superfruits like elderberry to their diet NWN has many options for your development needs.
Reflections and 2021
12/29/2020 By Jenifer Smith
I think that we can safely say that 2020 has been a year like no other. Many challenges have faced us this year and along with those challenges has come positive change. I’m choosing to reflect on those positives as we say goodbye to 2020.
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