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Wellness Trending
2/25/2020 By Jenifer Smith
This last presentation cycle R and D concentrated on trends in the industry that target Health and Wellness. The industry is a rapidly growing 4 trillion-dollar business. Some of the topics covered included, Juneberry Blend made into a meat and fruit bar, Orange Grapefruit Turmeric Blend used in a wellness gummies and Lemon Maple Blend to mimic the ingredients in the Master Cleanse.
Summer Mango
7/17/2017 By Jenifer Smith
This month, with summer in full view, we are featuring a lovely Mango Rum Sauce. This can be served based on your protein of choice, served cold as a sauce, or even...
Tropical Flavors on Trend
6/9/2017 By Jenifer Smith
80% of consumers are enjoying varied ethnic flavors out in restaurants at least once a month. Caribbean flavors or becoming very popular and more mainstream for the bright, light and complex flavors they bring to products.
Latin Inspiration
5/20/2016 By Erin Marinan
Consumers are constantly looking for new and exciting flavors. Making authentic and flavorful dishes at home are becoming extremely popular and exploring ethnic influences are catching fire.Continuing to gain popularity especially among young consumers is Latin cuisine. According to Mintel Menu Insights, the first quarter in 2015 saw a 5% increase in use of Mexican inspired core menu items compared to 2014. 15% of main meal items featured on US menus were...
Dressings and Sauces
3/25/2016 By Erin Marinan
According to its definition a dressing is a sauce for salads, typically one consisting of oil and vinegar mixed together with herbs or other flavorings, and the definition for sauce is a thick liquid served with food, usually savory dishes, to add moistness and flavor.