American Cranberries: The Native Superfruit!

American Cranberries: The Native Superfruit!

12/7/2016  By Jenifer Smith


The American Cranberry, the species Vaccinium Macrocarpon Ait is native to North America. U.S. Cranberries are grown in Wisconsin, Oregon, Washington, and several New England states. Today 5% of cranberries produced go into fresh grocery sales while the other 95% are used for juice and juice blends. Wisconsin produces about 60% of the total U.S. crop with Wisconsin, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Oregon and Washington leading for other large producers of cranberries in the states. 

This beautiful red berry is known for its variety of uses, along with many health benefits. The health benefits of this little super berry are vast, including anti-inflammatory, immune support, cardiovascular, antioxidant protection, digestive tract, and anti-cancer benefits to name a few. The cranberry outranks all other major fruits and vegetables in its antioxidant levels. These are all reasons why companies will continue to innovate and develop new products to add cranberries' impressive benefits to their product lines. 

Consumer trends toward less sugar and healthier snack choices has increased new product development that use cranberries. Cranberries are popping up in both sweet and savory applications. As well as being blended in fruit beer, cider, kombucha and fruit water. Cranberries will continue to be an excellent choice for companies for its variety of application options and super fruit power. 

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