Central America-Product Development

Central America - Product Development

1/4/2019  By Jenifer Smith


Last month the R and D department had a fun morning presenting new blends that we created around Central America and the Caribbean. For our development we focused specifically on Belize, El Salvador and Caribbean this time.

We ended up developing three new blends. Tangerine Tamarind, Banana, Orange Soda base with applications to go along with each. This month we will be sharing a Banana Sauce recipe that Kerry developed with her new banana blend.

When it comes to product development in Latin America consumers are looking for products tailored for specific need, nutritional and otherwise. Research also showed it was important to name the item in the local language and provide pictures of item on the product packaging. In beverages, consumers cared about origins of food product and referencing them when possible. Latin Americans seem most open to trying new product innovations and willing to pay for the experience. These consumers are mostly looking for products that solve unmet needs.

Here at Northwest Naturals, let us customize a Latin flavored base for your cocktail or application needs. Explore our Products section to find a list of our juice offerings.