Citrus Trends

Citrus Trends

3/8/2018  By Jenifer Smith


Citrus flavors have been trending for the past several years with consumers. Citrus can be used in a variety of ways in many applications including zest, syrups, candied, pickled and preserved. The market is now seeing more varietals of citrus in new product development including these applications; dressing, non-alcoholic beverages, alcoholic beverage, infused oils, smoothies, dessert and culinary applications.

Kaffir lime is a slightly exotic fruit, native to tropical areas of Asia.  Kaffir is used in many Southeast Asian dishes and starting to trend into the mainstream public flavor profile. The leaves are used for both cooking and medicinal uses. Kaffir is used more for its oil and fragrant zest than for its juice as it tends to be bitter and sour.

This month the R and D department has developed a Thai Lime Margarita-Grandeza Float.

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