Fall Flavors

Fall Flavors

10/1/2018  By Jenifer Smith


The leaves are starting to change here in the PNW. This time of year makes you want to have warm flavors that bring comfort. As we say goodbye to all the lovely summer stone fruits and usher in apples, pears, and even pomegranates.

This month’s application was inspired by a Middle Eastern theme that we developed last spring. The cocktail Pomegranate Rose conjures up images of spice markets, and fields of beautifully colored pomegranates.

The bulk of pomegranates grown for juice are produced in India, Iran and Turkey. Harvest season for pomegranates is usually September through February. U.S. grown pomegranates were brought to the U.S. by the Spanish in the 1700’s.

Here at Northwest Naturals, let us customize a fall blend for your cocktail application. Explore our Products section to find a list of our juice offerings.