Fall Spiced Drinks

Fall Spiced Drinks

10/21/2016  By Jenifer Smith


As fall is settling in its the perfect time to kick back with a fall spiced cocktail. There is currently a trend for both hot and cold cocktails. Popular trending cocktails include Hard Cider Sangria, Stonewall Drink Twist including Rum, Gingerbeer, Apple Cider, Apple Brandy Hot Toddies and Spiced Rioja Fizz. Spiced flavors is showing up in everything from Spirit Cocktails, Teas including Kombucha, Hard Ciders, Fruit Waters and Smoothies.

The drink industry is seeing a push toward more developed flavors that appeal to a broader audience that might not normally drink hard alcohol. Millennials are responsible for the current trend toward more exotic spiced flavor profiles. As Millennials are eating out more, their developed spice palette is something they are looking for in new consumer products. For example taking a traditional flavor like apple and adding exotic global flavor like Garam Masala. Middle eastern spice blends are showing up in many new product developments. The push from more ethnic flavors both in foods and drinks is finding its way into the mainstream food and drink menus. Popular spice blends include combinations of Turmeric, Cinnamon, Cocoa, Nutmeg, Black Pepper, Ground Chile, Ginger, Cloves, and Cardamom.

As consumers are becoming more adventurous, they are looking for new flavor profiles at the bar as well. Craft alcohol companies are looking for more ways to infuse unique flavors while also keeping the health benefits of reducing processed sugar with juice concentrates. In the past couple of years, cider has seen an increased popularity here in the U.S. Cider lends itself well to spicy notes as well as Craft spirits, brandies, hard ciders and beers.

At Northwest Naturals, we can happily formulate a custom spiced blend to fit your specific application needs. Several blended WONF we offer that pair well with spicy notes include:

Apple WONF

Cranberry WONF

Pomegranate WONF


Red Raspberry WONF

Blueberry WONF

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