Fresh strawberries in Northwest Naturals’ juice concentrates

Fresh strawberries in Northwest Naturals’ juice concentrates

7/19/2021  By Northwest Naturals


Known as nature's candy, this month's Flavor of the Month is a red, heart-shaped fruit packed with a delicious flavor that's loved by people from all over the world and across generations. It is a classic American fruit better known as strawberry.

Strawberry is native to the temperate regions of the Northern Hemisphere and is cultivated worldwide. A typical strawberry season lasts between April - July, aligning itself perfectly with how it's typically eaten: raw and fresh. These sweet fruits can be enjoyed simply on their own or in desserts, salads, jellies, beverages, and they can be preserved in many ways.

The average American will eat three-and-a-half pounds of fresh strawberries each per year. It's no wonder this is one of the most popular juice concentrate flavors at Northwest Naturals and throughout the food and beverage industry. In addition to the popularity in taste, customers like NWN Strawberry Juice Concentrate WONF because of its consistency in flavor crop year over crop year. Its consistency helps regulate its pricing, making it a very dependable product for customers. The NWN Strawberry Juice Concentrate is a stable flavor that pairs nicely with many other fruits and is the perfect, cost-effective solution for many applications.

The NWN R&D team has had their fun collaborating with clients across many markets to create new applications for this highly used flavor. A long-term customer recently asked for a Strawberry Rhubarb Pie blend. R&D team were able to create a blend that we expect to be as popular as the other Pie Blends we currently offer. Another client, Thorax Meadworks, also made a unique Strawberry Rhubarb Mead utilizing our Strawberry Rhubarb Blend 224604. We're now working with companies to incorporate this delicious flavor into various beverages, including seasonal ciders and hard kombucha. We also enjoyed creating a flavorful strawberry pomegranate cocktail that also includes natural health benefits.

Whether we're creating a classic application that everybody knows or a new unique recipe that pushes the envelope, we're sure strawberry will continue to be a prevalent flavor for many years to come. We foresee this classic flavor paired with more sophisticated or unusual flavors such as strawberry cucumber, strawberry hibiscus, strawberry botanical. If you would like to explore ways to spice up a classic strawberry recipe, contact us today!