Fruit Beer

Fruit Beer

1/15/2016  By Erin Marinan


Fruit has long been used in beer, especially with Belgian Lambic styles.  Cherry, Raspberry, and Peach are some of the more common additions to this type of beer.  In my opinion we have come a long way from the traditional Lambic.  You are now seeing fruit being used in so many different ways to enhance a beer and offer the consumer a variety of choices.  Brewers are also getting creative and using non-traditional flavors like Tamarind or Prickly Pear.  Then you have it being taken a step further with the addition of spices and herbal extracts to add more depth to your beer. 

Some breweries only use flavors or extracts added to the finished beer, while others are doing more traditional methods of fermenting the fruit to get truer flavor.  Sean Wallner, co-owner of Whitewall Brewing Co. in Marysville, WA says that adding fruit to certain beer styles can really take the beer to a different level.  We brew a strawberry cream ale that utilizes Northwest Naturals Strawberry Essence which gives the beer a beautiful fresh strawberry aroma without overpowering it with jammy sweet flavors.  To get the same effect would require a ton of raw fruit which requires a lot of fermenter head space.

No matter your method or process Northwest Naturals has developed blends to help deliver the fruit flavor your beer needs.  Everything from a Grapefruit Radler to a Prickly Passion Saison.  Our blends combine fruit, flavors and color to help maximize your product. 

Northwest Naturals Blends Available 

Whether your making a traditional flavor fruit beer or want to try something new Northwest Naturals has a product development team that can help.  Explore our product list to generate some ideas or contact our customer service and sales team for a conversation on how we can help you maximize your product.