2/1/2019  By Jenifer Smith


Last week, R and D kicked off the New Year by continuing our blend development on a new continent, Africa. One of our developers, Shana decided to focus a blend on Gooseberries.

Gooseberries are native to Europe and North Africa. They are grown on a bush that grows to about 5 feet tall and 5 feet wide. The most common variety is a green berry, although red, yellow and white varieties are also available.

The flavor of the gooseberry is acidic and tart. It is said to grow better with increased latitude. The health benefits include a good source of vitamin C. Common uses for gooseberry include in beverages, teas, soda or flavored water. Dessert applications are a popular use for the berry as well as pickling the berries.

Gooseberries found in Africa are called Cape Gooseberries. Cape berries are yellow and covered with thin brown paper skin husk. The berry has a pineapple like flavor. These berries also have a long shelf life up to 25 days (when left in their husks) which makes them perfect for national and export markets.

Shana made a lovely Gooseberry Milk Cake and Gooseberry Sorbet with her blend. This will give some ideas on what you could do with a gooseberry blend.

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