History of Mustard

History of Mustard

4/17/2020  By Jenifer Smith


Recently, Shana spent some time in the test kitchen developing several new mustard flavors with juice concentrates as some of their base. Flavors that she developed included Cranberry Horseradish, Pineapple and Pumpkin Spice Horseradish.

Mustard has long been a beloved condiment; but long before that mustard was one of the most widely used spice in the world. Originally thought to have shown up in use in ancient Egypt. The Greeks used the seed as medicine and as a spice. It has been shown that mustards were popular in Europe before the Asian spice trade and it was more popular than black pepper. Mustard’s flavor is not apparent until the mustard seeds are cracked or ground and mixed with liquid.

Varieties abound in mustard seeds, with there is said to be upwards of over 40 types of different seeds. There are 3 most popular seeds Black, Brown and White. White seeds; produce the traditional yellow mustard flavor and are said to come from the Mediterranean. Brown seeds; found in the Himalayas are sharper in flavor like Chinese mustards. Black seeds; show up in Middle East and Asia and are said to be the spiciest of the three seeds.

In modern times; mustard has even been used as a weapon. Mustard gas is a synthetic copy of mustard’s volatile oils. Mustard gas is known to stop people by attacking their eyes, skin and respiratory tract. When you look at all the uses for mustard it’s pretty amazing all that comes from simple seeds.

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