Holiday Sake

Holiday Sake

12/23/2019  By Jenifer Smith


Holiday Sake

This month the R and D team focused on creating new blends based the trend of Botanical and Herbs. The category is seeing increased interest from consumers looking for unique flavors based from plants.

I decided this time to try my hand at making Sake flavored with our juice blends. Sake is a Japanese rice wine that some believe originated starting in China about 500 BC. The developed brewing technique spread to Japan and developed into the Sake drink we know today.

I ended up deciding to make a clear and cloudy version of Sake.  This is accomplished by letting the rice sediment settle and filtering the clear sake off the top. The cloudy version is leaving the rice sediment in the fermented sake base.

Through the fermentation process I decided to make a clear sake using a Clarified Tangerine-Juniper Type Base This ended up being really light and rounded flavor that I loved. I also ended up making two cloudy version using Cranberry WONF-Maple Type and Blackberry WONF-Lemongrass Type.

The other bases that were developed included Hibiscus Lemonade and Peach WONF-Tea Type.

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