Kombucha Tea Trending

Kombucha Tea Trending

7/1/2016  By Shana Greenlick and Jenifer Smith


Kombucha is said to have century’s old existence.  Its modern history starts with documentation during the early 1900s in Eastern Asia.  Its popularity is contributed to Kombucha having health benefits. These benefits are developed by fermenting a sweetened tea with a mushroom or fungus.  Kombucha’s appeal waned during World War II when tea and sugar were rationed. 

In the United States, Kombucha started in the 1980s and 1990s when DIY, home gardening, and raw foods were gaining notice and its health benefits were again popular with this group.  What started in kitchens, has now turned into a major grocery item.

In the test kitchen at Northwest Naturals, we have been excited to brew our own Kombucha tea.  A few of the bases that we have been working with include:

  • Pu-erh (black tea)
  • Honeybush
  • Green Tea
  • Passion Fruit
  • Coffee Blend

The fermentation can take between 3 to 7 days depending on the desired taste for your Kombucha. The process of brewing your own Kombucha includes four main ingredients; tea, vinegar, sugar and a Scoby (symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast) culture.

With the popularity of fermented foods and its health benefits, Kombucha tea has taken off in the marketplace in the last year. Kombucha is currently the fastest growing category in the functional beverage sector. A recent trip to the grocery store showed this demand with 15-20 different Kombucha companies to choose from as well as a variety of flavors.

The U.S. is currently the driving market for Kombucha tea.  However, Asia Pacific and India are looking to increase their demand for this brewed health drink in the future.

Flavor trends for Kombucha include citrus, floral, herbs, berries, spiced blend, cocktail blends, and fragrant roots including ginger and turmeric.

Here at Northwest Naturals, we can formulate to your specific fruit blending and flavor needs. 

To request samples or get more information on how Northwest Naturals can help enhance your Kombucha, please contact our customer service or sales team