New Year New You - Health & Wellness

New Year New You - Health & Wellness

1/29/2016  By Erin Marinan


So its the start of a new year and like everyone else getting healthier and more fit is probably on your New Year's resolution.  One easy way to do that is to increase your fruits and vegetables.  But lets be honest most of us just aren't good about getting in those recommended servings, not to mention the work in preparing them and of course storage.  Or you end up throwing away most of your fresh product than you actually consume because you don't use it in time before it spoils.

Northwest Naturals has developed blends containing juice concentrates and other ingredients, to create a high impact, nutrient-rich blend of fruits and some vegetables.  We have worked on several formats for customers creating something that taste great but also delivers nutrition.  Whether your developing a high protein smoothie, meal replacement bar or a fruit and vegetable drink, the product development team at Northwest Naturals can help.  These formulas are designed for drinkable applications which aids in desirability for the grab and go consumer.

Current development and work has been done on creating a shot format that can deliver a serving of fruit and a serving of vegetables in three to four ounces.  Four different flavors have been developed under this concept.  To learn more, take a look at the sales sheet.

To request samples or get more information on how Northwest Naturals can help step up your wellness product offerings, please contact or customer service or sales team