Pear and Apple Season

Pear and Apple Season

9/30/2016  By Jenifer Smith


The weather has finally cooled here in the Pacific Northwest, kids are heading back to school, and leaves are changing.  It's officially fall, and that means Pear and Apple season. The U.S. is the third largest producer of pears in the world.  Washington and Oregon grows about 80% of pears produced in this country. 30% of pear crop goes to fresh, the rest is processed canned, dried and frozen. The top pear varietals for WA state are green Anjou, Bartlett and Bosc. Production starts in August and ends in October.  Pears are unique in that they don't ripen well on the trees. They are picked under ripe by hand to preserve the texture.  Pears will ripen in 7-10 days on the counter.

I got the opportunity to visit the Stillwater Orchards, a 150 year old family pear farm while I was in CA in July.  Bartlett's pears were just starting to be picked by hand. The farm put on a lovely lunch for us. They served us Pear Cider from Hemly Cider, Grilled Endive with Pear Salad, and Pear Crisp for dessert. 

Washington state produces the most apples of any state here in the U.S. Why do apples grow so well here?  Well, several reasons, rich soil, different climates from Eastern Washington, an arid growing area to the lush valley of Skagit Valley, advanced growing methods, and plentiful water supply. All of these reasons make for a crisp, more flavorful apple. This years apple crop was 1 to 2 weeks early because of warmer winter. Top apple varieties include Red Delicious, Gala, Fuji and Granny Smith.

Consumers are currently trending toward updated clean labels on their products. This includes replacing unnatural flavors, colors and sugars in their formulations. This is a great way to incorporate real fruit juice concentrates like our pear and apple juices.  Let us help you reformulate to a "clean label" by replacing sugar with wholesome taste of our fruit juices. Here at Northwest Naturals, the R&D team can formulate to a wide variety of applications from reformulating beverages, alcohol development (wine, beer, liquor, kombucha), dressing and sauces to bakery and confection applications. Let us help you with your current or future project.

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