Seasonal Jam

Seasonal Jam

2/7/2018  By Jenifer Smith

The R and D department has been working its way through developing blends with a regional theme. This has lead us to try new fruits and flavor combinations. In March, we are focusing on the South region of the U.S.

The persimmons of the South are an American variety. These are smaller than the Japanese persimmon. The fruit is also more cold resistant than the Japanese fruits. These type turn orange red in fall, but are inedible until they are soft. When unripe the persimmon is bitter and astringent and when ripe the fruit is pulpy and sweet. The flesh is often eaten scooped from the outer peel. Typically, persimmons are used in baking and sauce applications.

I decided to focus on making a Peach-Persimmon Jam when highlighting this uncommonly used fruit. This fruit can be eaten raw, cooked or dried. The fruit matures in the fall and stays on the tree until winter. The two most common variety of persimmon are Hachiya, (that has the shape of a roma tomato) and Fuyu, (which is larger and flatter on top, and looks more like a beefsteak tomato in appearance). Also, Hachiya are only edible when soft, whereas Fuyu are edible when both hard and soft.

I chose to highlight the popular Peach for the South and pair it with the flavor of Persimmon, creating a Peach-Persimmon blend.

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