Summer Dessert

Summer Dessert

8/8/2018  By Jenifer Smith


August is here which can only mean loads of ripe stone fruits. Here in the test kitchen, one of our developers Shana created a lovely summer dessert, Nectarine Dream.

Nectarines originated in China over 2,000 years ago. Then they were cultivated in Rome, Persia and Greece. Nectarines were brought to the U.S. by the Spanish. The smooth skinned stone fruit, comes in various colors red, white, orange, and yellow. Just like peaches, nectarines can be freestone or clingstone.

U.S. production of nectarines largely comes from California, along with Washington State. Nectarine and Peach imports from Chile allows for these stone fruits to be available all year long.

Here at Northwest Naturals, let us customize a juice blend for your dessert application. Explore our Products section to find a list of our juice offerings.