Summer Mango

Summer Mango

7/17/2017  By Jenifer Smith


This month, with summer in full view, we are featuring a lovely Mango Rum Sauce.  This can be served based on your protein of choice, served cold as a sauce, or even stirred into your favorite salad as a dressing.

The current outlook on production for mango is good. Floods in Peru didn’t damage mango crop.  Mexico is starting their production on mango purée, with pricing and quality supply to be tops.  Totapuri production in India has been a little disappointing with fruit quality declining due to lack of rain fall and winds leading to heavy fruit droppage.  

In the consumer marketplace here in the U.S., mango continues to rise in popularity. As consumers look for global bright flavors with health benefits. Mango is showing up on menus, cocktail lists, healthy snack alternatives, flavored waters, teas, dressing and sauces. With all these opportunities product developers will continue to see applications growing in this area.

Click here for our Mango Rum BBQ Sauce

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