The Craft of Cocktails

The Craft of Cocktails

4/11/2016  By Erin Marinan


Cocktails are trending right now.  The popularity of "Not-your-Fathers Root Beer" spiked sodas are taking up stock on shelves and moving out the traditional beers.  Not only are beers getting a facelift, ciders are booming as well.  Basically mixologists have taken their craft to the next level and cocktails are now a culinary experience.  Read up on our Fruit Beer and Cider posts for what we have been doing in those fields.  For cocktails, what's hot right now is the "Market Fresh Cocktail" and Old School Cocktails.  What's Market Fresh?  The crafting of bitters, shrubs and syrups using local and organically sourced ingredients.  Bartenders are stepping up their game and getting creative behind the counter.  Northwest Naturals has formulated a variety of blends to help make your favorite cocktail a breeze.  The revitalization of the "Old School Cocktail" as they are being called is everywhere.  Think of what your grandpa probably ordered when he was at a bar.  I'm talking the Old Fashions, Side Cars, Moscow Mules.  These drinks are making a comeback but with a twist.  Each one contains the basics to the classic, but with a twist, and this is exactly what we did with our versions. 

Every bartender probably has their own opinion as to what makes a cocktail great.  In my opinion the key to making great cocktails is a combination of the right alcohol with the right mixers.  Northwest Naturals' research and development team has taken all the guess work out of combining the right juices and creating interesting flavors into 3 easy steps.  All you need is 1-2 oz of our juice concentrate blends, 1-2 oz of spirits, add ice and fill your glass with water or soda water.  Of course, you should garnish that amazing tasting beverage. That is it – your done.  No slicing, muddling, required (unless fresh is best).  Our blends are best suited for bars, restaurants or anywhere you want convenience with quality ingredients and flavor.

Here are a few of our featured favorites:

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