Juice Concentrate Blends WONFs/WOOFs® Specifications

Juice Concentrate Blends WONFs/WOOFs® Specifications

Because some of our fruit juice WONFs and WOOFs® formula/product specifications change from one year to the next, we don't include these spec sheets on our site. However, if you email us and reference the specific product you are interested in, we will gladly get you what you need.

Email:  Customer Service Specialist

Our fruit juice concentrate WONFs and WOOFs® are a blend of variance fruit juice concentrates which consists of the stated characterizing juice and other more economical 100% fruit juices (apple, pear, and pineapple), natural colors & flavors are then added to maintain consistency from year-to-year.  

Product Benefits

  • Economics, WONF's almost always cost less than the 100% stated fruit
  • Consistency in color and flavor regardless of where or when the crop is harvested
  • Blends and WONFs allow unique combinations of flavors or fruits and vegetables to match your specific need
  • Turn-Key Fruit Systems: You only need to warehouse one ingredient we manage all the rest
  • All Natural
  • Product can be labeled made with real fruit juice and natural color and flavors


  • Fruit juice beverages, flavored drink mixes, and fruit smoothies
  • Alcohol beverages, hard ciders, beers, liqueurs, and other distilled alcohol
  • Dairy, ice creams, juice bars, sorbets, & other frozen novelties
  • Fruit snacks, snack and nutritional bars
  • Sauces, marinades, salad dressings, BBQ and glazing sauces
  • Breads and pastries
  • Candies and confectionary
  • Jams and jellies