Fruit Sweeteners
Fruit Sweeteners

Fruit Sweeteners

As consumers spend more time reading ingredient panels, words like high fructose corn syrup may dissuade individuals from purchasing your product.

Fructose, approximately 20% sweeter than sucrose, is abundant in fruits, as are other sugars. For example, single-strength apple juice contains approximately 5.9% fructose, 2.7% sucrose and 2.0% other sugars. Many manufacturers use fruit juice as a natural alternative to processed sugar, and some highlight the use of juice concentrates as sweeteners to make a claim on the front panel.

Northwest Natural offers various juice blends that are specifically formulated to optimize natural occurring sugars found in fruit. Typically the fruit blend is made from apples, pears and pineapple, however, this may vary depending on your application.

Mixed Fruit

Northwest Naturals’ Mixed Fruit Sweeteners are blends of different fruit juices designed so no one fruit flavor is identified in the blend.

Frutex Syrups

Our Frutex Syrups are fruit concentrates that have been processed to remove fruit solids so there is little or no flavor, color, or minerals. Typically used to replace HFCS for labeling purposes.

Since every application is different, please contact us and we will guide you through the process of determining which sweetener will work best for your specific formulation needs.

Frutex Pear 243701 69-72°
Frutex Pineapple 243801 71-74°
Frutex Mixed Fruit Syrup 243143 70°