Turning ordinary into extraordinary

Whether you’re looking for an expert formulator and processor of turnkey fruit bases for use in the alcohol industry or custom blends designed to reduce process variabilities between numerous manufacturing plants and/or co-packers, we have the technical expertise to turn your next idea from ordinary into extraordinary.

Northwest Naturals also specializes in custom blend formulations that stabilize fruit flavor profiles from one crop year to the next, or from one growing region to another. Our developers create solutions to meet your specific needs, even when consistent color and flavor are critical or when the cost of primary fruit isn’t economically feasible.


Custom Signature Beverage Bases
Fruit Juice Concentrates
Juice Concentrate WONFs
Juice WONFs with Purée
Organic Concentrate WOOFs®

  • Granita
  • Sorbet
  • Juice Bar
  • Sherbet
  • Smoothie
  • Stable Bases for use in Alcohol

Clarex Reduced Color and Flavor 100% Juice Concentrates
Juicex Reduced Acid and Color Concentrates
Frutex Fruit Sweetener
Clarified Tropical Juice Concentrates
Fruit Essences
Exotic-Superfruit Juice Concentrates

Stock vs. Custom Formulation

Northwest Naturals offers a variety of products that are considered off-the-shelf or standard items. These products are typically available year-round and require less minimum order quantities than custom-formulated items.

We understand your product requirement may need to be specifically formulated for your unique application. We welcome the opportunity to create a custom formulation for your next product.

Frozen Juice Bases

We produce a variety of all-natural, fat-free Granita, Smoothie, Juice Bar, Sorbet, and Sherbet Bases composed of fruit juice concentrates, fruit purées, acidulants, and natural flavors. Our bases provide a fresh, nutritious, and tasty component to any frozen dairy or dairy-type formulation.

Fruit Sweeteners

Mixed Fruit:

A blend of different fruit juices designed so no one fruit flavor is identified in the blend.

Frutex Syrups:

Fruit concentrates that have been processed to remove fruit solids so there is little or no flavor, color, or minerals. Typically used to replace HFCS for labeling purposes.