Fruit Essences
Fruit Essences

Fruit Essences

Northwest Naturals’ Fruit Essence Standardized is pure fruit aroma that is recovered from the fruit juice concentrating process. Fruit Essences are used to enhance or stabilize flavor profiles, or when your formulation needs a burst of flavor, naturally.

For more information and general product specifications, please click on the stated fruit below.

Apple 330101 N/A
Apple, Organic 630101 N/A
Blackberry 330501 N/A
Black Currant 331601 N/A
Blueberry 330601 N/A
Cranberry 331501 N/A
Grape, Concord 332201 N/A
Mango 336002 N/A
Passion Fruit 333501 N/A
Peach 333601 N/A
Pear 333701 N/A
Pineapple 333801 N/A
Plum 333901 N/A
Pomegranate 336801 N/A
Raspberry, Red 334201 N/A
Strawberry 334401 N/A


Stock vs. Custom Formulation

Northwest Naturals offers a variety of products that are considered off-the-shelf or standard items. These products are typically available year-round and require less minimum order quantities than custom-formulated items.

We understand your product requirement may need to be specifically formulated for your unique application. We welcome the opportunity to create a custom formulation for your next product.