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Get a Peach of This Flavor of the Month
6/14/2021 By Northwest Naturals
Summer is near, and with it comes the start of peach season. Like the plum and the apricot, the peach is a member of the rose family (Rosaceae) and can be distinguished by its velvety skin.
Custom Juice Blend
Creating the Perfect Custom Juice Blend!
5/27/2021 By Northwest Naturals
We begin each project with an idea or concept for a new application that a Customer is looking to bring to life.
Flavor of the Month: The Classic, Cherry
5/19/2021 By Northwest Naturals
This month’s Flavor of the Month is classic Cherry, a fruit that is wildly popular in all of its iterations that can range from fruit juices, baked goods, syrups, confectionery treats, sauces, liqueurs, alcohol, and more!
Hard Seltzer
Hard Seltzers Set the Trend All Year Round!
4/30/2021 By Northwest Naturals
We first began working on hard seltzer applications 3 years ago. We loved the concept of flavored, low-alcohol sparkling water and knew it would be a hit amongst consumers. Still, we never could have imagined the phenomenon these wildly popular drinks have become!
Mango Hard Seltzer
April’s Featured Flavor of the Month: Mango
4/20/2021 By Northwest Naturals
Northwest Naturals’ flavor of the month for April is considered one of the most popular fruits worldwide, mango! Originating from India, this fruit has traveled from Asia to the Middle East, East Africa and South America. Today, we can find mangos year-round at a local grocery store or farmer's market.
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